About The Green Goddess

Sylvia is a native of Savannah, GA, she has been a business woman since the tender age of 13. She is a master in the art of beauty and image, she possesses a degree in Fashion Merchandising, a Master Cosmetology license, is a skilled makeup artist and has dedicated the past 15 plus years of her life to the beauty and fashion industries. For the past five years Sylvia has been certified as a holistic health life coach and is a certified master Reiki Practitioner, she is dedicated to providing ancient wellness solutions for the modern woman.  The Green Goddess enjoys all things related to natural health, fitness, beauty and wellness. 
The Green Goddess is passionate about authentic beauty and  wellness solutions and  feels obliged to help others to connect with the eco chic goddess that resides within, live healthier lives and boost their overall confidence. Sylvia is a fourth generation healer, she appreciates sharing the gift of physical and spiritual healing and is a second generation beauty professional of which she inherited her gifts of beauty and fashion. The Green Goddess has created a mix of passion and purpose to create the ultimate work-life balance experience within Green Goddess Beauty and Wellness, an eco chic beauty and wellness studio.
As a trail blazing entrepreneur for the past 15 plus years, Sylvia was awarded Entrepreneur of The Year  in 2015. She has worked with numerous prestigious clients, politicians and entertainers such as Chilli from TLC and Tamyra Gray from American Idol. Over the years, her entrepreneurial successes have been featured in numerous articles and media. Sylvia continues to strive to new heights daily by serving as a leader and advocate for health, wellness and beauty within her business ventures and her community

The Green Goddess is available for workshops and speaking engagements, events, retreats and women's organizations


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