Friday, August 23, 2019

Restaurant and Product Review

This is actually a two part review, as I am reviewing R.L's off The Square and the newly released Mary J Bliges' nude Love Me lipstick by MAC. I couldn't wait to share it with you all because it's so fab. I've been looking for a great nude without brown undertones. When I walked into MAC a couple weeks back, it was love at first sight or should I say love at first swipe. 

So, when I launched my first show I went all out for my dinner celebration, it was an evening to remember as I celebrated the launch of the first episode of my new podcast Soul Sister's Evolving. I received a ton of compliments on my dress, of which has been sitting my closet since March. I'm happy that I got a chance to wear it before the end of summer. 

So, back to these reviews

Love Me French Silk has a smooth and rich texture that I can honestly say is  a bit different from MAC's normal formula lipstick. The Love Me line boasts of new argan oil ingredients, of which increase moisture for long wear. I love the moisture, but I am honestly in love with the color the most.  

Love Me French Silk is rated as a 4.8 Goddess Star Product
(would have been a 5 star rating if it had not broken when I first got it home and used it) 

I must admit it has taken me quite a while to check out RL's off the Square in Covington. I'm not sure why though, because I love cajun cuisine. This has quickly become one of my favorite fine dining spots in Covington. The restaurant has been around in Covington longer than I have.  Let's get right into it! As you can see in the photo, its a cozy spot and I must say it has a vibe of its own. The staff is friendly and helpful, but could use a touch up on communication skills. The food is filled with cajun flavor and kick.  It's always obvious that the food is prepared with love and attention. 

The first time I went in for lunch I ordered the fried green tomatoes as an appetizer (not pictured, sorry I accidentally deleted the picture), which were really good and bar b que shrimp with pasta entree, very strong rosemary flavor, but I love rosemary, so it was amazing to my tastebuds. Lots of flavor, spice and kick. The bread was great and they kept it coming. The wine was ok for lunch. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my lunch until my server disappeared when it was time for me to check out. They close at 2pm everyday and right around 1:40pm I never saw her again. Three new waitresses appeared to "finish" her shift I guess. A simple communication to say "hi, I'm getting off, it was nice to serve you, appreciate your business, bye cat/dog would have been ok with me lol. Just joking, but seriously that could have killed my impression of this business as a first timer. 
Crab cakes were seasoned to perfection with lots of meat little to no bread filling

Crawfish and Shrimp Etouffe'e (not on menu)

The second time around I ordered 19 Crimes Chardonnay, the crab cake appetizer, which was superb and the crawfish etouffe'e and added shrimp. Now here is where the communication is poor, yet again. I expected there to be an uncharge for the shrimp, I did not expect the uncharge to be the price of another appetizer, an whole extra $10. Seems like maybe that should've been mentioned as I was ordering, but then again maybe that was poor communication on my behalf as well. Regardless of the cost it was a great meal that was thoroughly enjoyed. The crab cakes had very little bread filling and excellent flavor with just the right amount of spice. The etouffe'e was great as well, they did not skimp on the shrimp and crawfish either. 

Overall it's safe to say that the atmosphere is warm and cozy, food is great in flavor, staff is friendly but the service is good, not great. It won't stop me from returning, but I'll be more aware to kick up my own communication skills when I return ;-)

R.L.'s off the Square is rated as a 4.4 Goddess Star Restaurant 

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