Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Let's Get Grounded This Summer!

How was your Memorial Day?  Can you believe that it's almost summer?

My recent trip to the North Georgia Mountains for a leadership retreat was exactly what the doctor ordered. 

I was able to do some forest bathing as we hiked through the woods and enjoy the refreshing stream from the waterfall. Each excursion that I take helps me to trust God and Mother Nature as I learn to let go of my own personal expectations. In nature,  I've learned how to just "be" . A priceless lesson in this day and age. Upon arriving back home, I had a new zing.  It's safe to say that I recharged my batteries as got grounded and allowed mother nature to work her magic.

I’ve always been a lover of nature and water. As a child I would often beg my parents to take me to the beach. The misty breeze and smell of the ocean was refreshing to me, even at an early age. Human well being is strongly connected to the healing benefits that nature provides for free, yet mother earth is often neglected and overlooked as one of the top healers. Mother nature provides us with countless opportunities to replenish our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Mountains to hike, oceans to swim, trees for shade, grass for grounding, flowers to beautify the land, forests to bathe, and the list goes on. My love for white sandy beaches and the fresh air of the mountains has helped to restore and recalibrate my energy on numerous occasions.

How about you? Have you gotten grounded yet or lately? If not, let's get grounded this Summer!

What is "grounding"?

Grounding or earthing refers to direct skin contact with the surface of the Earth, such as with bare feet or hands.

From a scientific perspective, the idea is that the earth has a mild negative charge to it. Over time, especially in modern times, our bodies build up a positive charge. Direct contact with the earth can balance out this positive charge and return the body to a neutral state.

A few benefits from getting grounded

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Lower stress
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase energy
  • Help normalize blood pressure and flow
  • Speeds healing
  • And numerous countless benefits
Those are certainly enough reasons to get out and get grounded this summer!

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