Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Mother's Day Makeover Giveaway


As you know, Mother's Day is on Sunday. It's a very special time of year for most, however it can be bittersweet for anyone who may not have their mother or mother-like figure with them at this time.

As I celebrate the anniversary of my grandmother's death/legacy, I have made a conscious decision to celebrate her life of service. You see, my granny was really special to a lot of people in our hometown, Savannah, GA.

She and my grandfather were devoted to serving the community, they were parents of five, adopted five additional children and took in numerous foster children. My grandparents were a true example of an old school "power couple" as they kept our family church going. My grandfather would preach and my granny would direct the choir us grandkids would sing in. My grandfather passed away when I was 11, which led us grandkids to spend a lot of time at granny's house to keep her company. After she retired, she founded two nonprofit organizations; a modeling group, her version of Barbizon for underprivileged youth and Summer Bonanza, dedicated to exposing underprivileged youth to culture and the arts. She lived a full life of service and I believe its fair to say that she died empty.

I began donating makeover services to single mothers a few years ago and would like to make it an official annual tradition with your assistance. Why a makeover? Because as a former model and single parent, I understand the power of beauty, even if for only a few hours. Beauty and adornment are birthrights and are often the first self care habits to be neglected when we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of this thing we call life.

Please take a moment to reply with a quick note, story and contact info to nominate a deserving single mother for the Mother's Day Makeover Giveaway, to be held on Saturday between 10-6pm at Green Goddess Beauty & Wellness

We still have a couple spots open for the Mother/ Daughter Makeover Session as well if you're interested in securing a time or getting more details, simply reply greengoddessbw1@gmail.com


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