Tuesday, April 10, 2018

When Life Gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade! It's Good for You!

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Today, I'd like to share with you the healing benefits of the mysterious citrus fruit, the lemon.  I consider it to be one of my favorite fruits to use in and out of the kitchen. I'm almost certain you'll feel the same way by the time you finish reading this.

First, I'd like start by giving you a little history on lemons. The origin of the lemon is unknown, however they were first discovered growing in North China or Northwestern India. Up until the 10th Century lemon trees were used only for ornamental purposes because of their sweet aroma and beautiful white cluster flowers. It wasn't until the 15th Century in Europe that they became extremely popular for culinary use. The lemon is a hybrid between a bitter orange and citron. Commercial cultivation of lemons began in the 1800's in California and Florida and its popularity has grown tremendously since then.

Now let's get into the restorative healing powers of the lemon.

Health Care

  • Helps to reduce nausea and upset stomach
  •  Promotes fat loss
  • Fade dark spots
  • Helps to restore moisture in dry skin
  • Can be used as an emergency deodorant
Immune Support
  • Overcome a cold fast
  •  Support lymphatic drainage
  •  Powerful antioxidant
  •  Detoxifying agent
  • Classic lemonade
  • Neutralize and enhance flavor for seafood
  • Create tangy desserts
Therapeutic Essential oils
  •  Improves mood/ fights depression 
  •  Helpful in treating asthma
  •  Sleep inducing 
  •  Natural cleaning agent
  •  Window cleaner
  •  Cut up a few pieces and place inside your garbage disposal to keep it clean and smelling fresh
Today, I've shared with you why the lemon is one of my favorite fruits to use inside and outside of the kitchen and I'm sure that you see why now.

When Life Gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade! Its good for you!
 What's your favorite fruit? and why?

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