Saturday, May 14, 2016

Waterfall Adventure

What a fun day we made of this adventure! I'm in love with the majestic energy of waterfalls. It all began a couple years ago when I took a weekend trip to Helen, GA. Up until that point I never realized that there were so many beautiful waterfalls in GA, my own backyard. I set out on a "mission" to discover and experience as many as possible during the Spring and Fall months throughout the year.

First up for 2016 is Georgia's tallest waterfall; we hiked up the trail, which was over 850 feet to get to the top of the waterfall and then trucked down 475 stairs to get to the bottom of the waterfall. The hike is not for the faint of heart. There are "easier" ways to get there but me being the Green Goddess I thought it would be nice to experience the nature trail. The views were really spectacular along the way. Check out a few of our shots.

Mother/Daughter selfie before we began our adventure for the day

What an oddly shaped tree, I wonder what its story is

Professional Photobomber; yep that's me!

Enjoying the panoramic view of nature

Fake tears and crying on our break lol

Deep in thought, probably contemplating what I had gotten myself into

My pretty much "OVER IT" face, thankfully I was just a few feet shy of reaching the top

Thank God, We made it to the top and then made it down 175 steps to get to the perfect view 
It was a sight to see and feel, the photos do this place no justice. It was a very magical experience, almost like being in another country in a rain forest

My I need a waterfall in my backyard face 
Selfie of a selfie and enjoying the view while taking it all in
My pretty girl and "THOSE STAIRS"
Just having a little fun on our way out
Just having a little fun on our way out!

Kool Moe Ree and Cool Moe Gee lol, yes I know it was corny but I couldn't resist :-)

Final pose on the way out of the park

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