Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How Herbs Affect the Body for Detoxification

The words 'detox' and 'cleanse' have both become very trendy words over the past several years. While there are numerous ways the body and organs can be purged of toxins for improved health and vitality, not all methods create equal results. Herbal cleansing by far has been one of the most consistent and effective methods that I've come across. Not to mention the fact that our forefathers strictly relied on herbal remedies for survival and countless treatments for healing.  The mere fact that our ancestors lived longer, more vibrant lives than many millennials and baby boomers these days should be reason enough for you to consider incorporating some of these "old folk" remedies into your wellness regimen.  
There are several ways in which herbs affect or more precisely support the body to get rid of toxic wastes. Each of these methods do part of this cleansing also referred to as detoxifying work and together they work to support overall health. Common ways this happens are discussed below.

The liver
The liver is the most vulnerable and also most resilient organ in the body. It is a major detoxifying organ that helps to make all metabolites and even unknown toxic substances less dangerous and safe for elimination through various body mechanisms. For this reason, it can be overwhelmed by toxic load and succumb to it. Herbs such as the dandelion, cayenne and wheat grass strengthen the liver to continue working at an optimal level (check out Revive Detox, an organic herbal detox supplement)

Parasitic infestation
Herbs can help the body eliminate various parasites that in most cases add toxic waste products to the system. Parasites not only reduce the nutrients available to the body for healthy processes but also produce what are called endotoxins and exotoxins. Common herbs that can help reduce this parasitic burden include black walnut hull and the worm wood.
Chronic fungal infection although not considered as parasitic, is another way the body can accumulate toxins that suppress overall health. Candida infection is suspected to be one of the major causes of ill-health. Herbs that can help to clear it and resultant toxins include garlic, oregano and grape fruit products.

When herbs are considered as part of a larger health scheme that includes a wholesome nutrition and a clean living environment, they will do a great job in maintaining a healthy body that will resist many health disorders. It's all about being proactive!

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