Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Benefits of using herbs for cleansing lymphatic/blood system

Herbs are natural products that in most cases work with our bodies instead of working on our bodies. This means that unlike many synthetically manufactured drugs and other products, herbs help to support the body to do what it is naturally made to do. The body is created to cleanse itself for continued health and rebuilding of the natural wear and tear of cells and tissues. Did you know that you can reverse DNA cells within 3-5 years with lifestyle changes. This means that you can rebuild a new body with diet, exercise and detoxification. One of the main ways this happens is through the complicated lymphatic system.

When whole herbs are used and not just the extracts, their whole essence is realized (check out Purity Blood Cleanser, an organic herbal blend for lymphatic detoxification)  They work differently from similar but synthetic products. The latter products treat the body in the same way as drugs do. In the same manner, the body treats them as it would treat the drugs. This process of the interaction between the body and synthetic equivalents of natural herbal products is referred to as pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. It creates toxic metabolites that add toxic wastes to the body. Instead of making work easier for the lymphatic body cleaning system, they create a heavier burden. This does not happen when herbs are taken in their natural form.

How herbs support the lymphatic system
There are many types of herbs that help the lymphatic system work at optimal levels. Some of the ways they do this include:
  • Makes the lymph less thick and therefore improves its flow.
  • Improving blood circulation which support faster toxin elimination
  • Acting as antivirus, antibacterial and against other harmful microorganisms. This reduces the activity of disease fighting cells and hence less toxic waste that go with subsequent cell destruction.

The overall effect of such benefits is that the incidence of various chronic diseases including various cancers can be greatly reduced.

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