Friday, January 1, 2016

Goodbye 2015

Goodbye 2015
As this year comes to a close, there are a few words that keep coming to mind; besides peace-out... Two words that stand out to me are "frequency" and "vision", it's vital that we (you and I) pay attention to "the vibes" when they speak because they never lie. "Vibes" will tell you when it's time to move forward with a connection; romantic and or platonic and vibes will tell you when it's time to call it a wrap. 
As we stroll into 2016, we need to be mindful of just that. I'm on a quest, to watch my vision come into fruition and for great vibes and leveled frequency. Some people, places and habits simply aren't going to fit and it's okay for all parties involved. The nudge in our spirits is the sign that it's time to bless them and release them. Don't allow it to linger and drain anymore of your precious energy. If you have more questions than answers for this person, it's probably time to release them. The problem with investing time with people who aren't on the same "frequency" with you is that it distorts your vision and dampens your resilience on an energetic level, so by all means just say no to mediocre relationships and friendships.

My hope for you and I both is that we experience 2016 "on full" full of love, full of truth, full of amazing adventures, full of great friendships, full of spectacular relationships, full of joy, full of greatness, full of opportunities, full of prosperity, full of great health and most of all full of grace from our almighty God. It's time to thrive!  #vibewithme #HappyNewYear

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