Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Birthday Shenanigans 2016

Birthday Shenanigans 2016 

I had a wonderful birthday and an even better weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed my first official art class at Sip N Strokes in Sandy Springs, GA. We did a great job on our paintings as we sipped and stroked. The staff was friendly, attentive and thoughtful. They actually gave the "birthday peeps" a painting from the "gallery" and the "dance off" for the "birthday peeps" was a nice touch.

After the class we headed over to what I thought would be dinner at Scales 925...

 Scales 925 was an "experience". I had really high hopes for the restaurant, it wasn't horrible, in fact the music was great, Frank Skii was the official D.J. for the evening, and I will admit it, Frank is an awesome D.J. The food was really good, we ordered the 925 wings, they were seasoned to perfection and the sauce was heavenly. So, I'm sure you may be wondering what turned this into the "experience" I mentioned earlier. First of all this is a restaurant, not a club, there's no dance floor. Parking was $20, the "entry" was $20, then the "bouncer guy" changed it to $10 when he noticed our reluctance, a photographer took a photograph of us and wanted $10 to print the picture. Once we made it in, that was another "experience" within itself. The colorful crowd was filled with sassy twenty something year olds to sixty something year olds paired with twenty something year olds and everything in between. The customer service was mediocre to say the least for the expense of being there. I love supporting new businesses, however I'm a stickler for great customer service and I hate to feel like I'm being robbed. I'm not cheap by far, in fact people close to me know that I will spend without hesitation for luxury, great customer service and an amazing overall experience. You can't have one without the other and Scales really needs to tighten up their brand management and customer service if they plan to stay in business.  Needless to say I'm going to pass on Scales 925 in the future, I've seen and witnessed enough to last me a lifetime. Now, I just need to figure out how I can place an order for the wings without spending $40 before I see the waitress.

Overall, I really did enjoy my birthday weekend and great company.

(Below you can see how perfectly my painting fit over my bathtub in my master bathroom)

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