Monday, December 7, 2015

Operation Curve Appeal Begins

20-15 was the warm up, game time in 20-16!

What a difference a year can make... Operation Curve Appeal is the Mind,body and spirit connection. 

I took my before pic Labor Day 2014. I went to my OBGYN earlier that week and was informed that I weighed 172 pounds (the largest I've ever been), we discussed the fact that I've never been hospitalized (besides child birth), great blood pressure and glycemic and then she mentioned I had 3 small fibroid tumors growing inside of my uterus... She said it so nonchalantly that it pissed me off, she also mentioned that over 85% of African American women over the age of 35 develop fibroid tumors and suggested that I schedule an appointment to have them removed. I declined... 

So, what I learned after I got home was...
a) although I was/am a pretty health conscious individual, you still have to be aware of what's going on with and inside your body. I use doctors for their technology and equipment 

b) food choices, herbs, meditation and fitness are game changers when it comes to shifting and maintaining good health

c) that I was going to heal myself and transform my body

Well that's exactly what I've done, actually in about 7 months I've released 14 pounds and my fibroid tumors are GONE, did you hear me GONE... 

Sooo, Operation Curve Appeal is just the beginning of a beautiful and POWERFUL journey, I'd love to help a limited number of women do the same! Inbox or DM me if you're serious about transforming your health and body in 20-16 #getinthezone #healthyisthenewsexy #operationcurveappeal 

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