Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy MLK Day!

Happy MLK Day! Dr.King stood for LOVE, PEACE, EQUALITY and UNITY. Legacy and history starts with us as leaders, parents, teachers; etc. When I was growing up I was blessed to witness and experience the great works and legacy of my grandparents and other community leaders. They stood up for what they believed in, reached back to help those less fortunate and empowered those that were once in the dark. 
I hear some people say that the kids these days are lost; however I'd like to challenge my generation to give of yourself, stand in your truth and show them the light! How can the kids know their truth if all they are exposed to is lies! Fancy houses, toys, cars and bags are not the truth. Dig deeper and lets get back to whats important... Fathers being in the home and showing their sons how to be respectful loyal real men and Mothers showing their daughters how to cook and be virtuous young ladies all while reaching out to the less fortunate. Unfortunately a lot of kids are just as miserable as their parents are; its time to heal and do some damage control from the dysfunction; IT STARTS WITH YOU, DO YOUR PART!!!! XOXO THE GREEN GODDESS

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